President’s Message

WEB_JPG_XSThe mission of our Association is to assist its members and all law enforcement officers in the State of Rhode Island with the administration of public safety, to promote harmony and trust between law enforcement and the public, to enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement in the State, to strengthen public confidence in the police profession and to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.

In an ongoing effort to accomplish our mission, our organization has made great strides in recent years as we have addressed issues which improve law enforcement and address community concerns.

Working with the Chiefs, the Department of Public Safety, the Municipal Academy, the Judiciary, the Attorney General and US Attorney, community groups and the Legislature we have developed initiatives in bias free policing, eyewitness identification and the issue of recording custodial interrogation.

But perhaps the crown jewel of our efforts is the recently created RI Police Accreditation Commission. We will now join 25 other states in offering to every police department an in-state certification program based on nationally accepted standards. For the first time in the history of Rhode Island law enforcement, departments will be able to adopt uniform policies and procedures. A uniformed approach to policing, based on this program will provide consistency in policing throughout the state.

The Association will always be at the forefront of issues that affect the administration of justice. We will work with criminal justice partners, organizations like MADD, and civic and community groups whenever called upon to improve the quality of policing in Rhode Island and to keep Rhode Islanders safe.

We will do this always mindful that our mission is to protect our citizens while guarding the rights of the individual.

Police, as the most visible form of government have been given great power to keep the peace. But we must always be mindful that this noble calling we engage in brings with it a solemn pledge to uphold the rights of the individual. It is this unique balancing act that our officers engage in everyday, which make this the challenging profession it is.

As we engage in policing, officers face danger every day. There are those who simply wish to end our lives simply because we wear a uniform.

It is our sacred duty never to forget them. The threat of physical and emotional harm to our officers is what we as police chiefs must always be mindful of, to protect our officers we must provide them with the best equipment, training and support humanly possible.

This association pledges to its officers that we will never compromise their safety and we will fight any effort to weaken their ability to protect themselves or do their jobs. We will challenge any attempt to diminish our ability to protect our officers or reduce their ability to effectively serve the public.

The Police Chiefs’ Association pledges to do our very best to serve the citizens of the State of Rhode Island.
RI Police Chiefs’ Association