Bylaws & Publications

The Rhode Island Police Chiefs’ Association (RIPCA), since its formation, has stood for excellence and professionalism in policing and in its effort to promote and defend justice. We believe in and strive for the highest standards of professional conduct consistent with the core values identified in our mission statement. In keeping with this long-held belief, the RIPCA continues to devote considerable time, energy, and effort to achieve bias-free policing. Bias-based policing includes practices by individual officers, supervisors, managerial practices, and departmental programs, both intentional and non-intentional that incorporate prejudicial judgments based on sex, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, religious beliefs, or age that are inappropriately applied.

The ANYTOWN Police Department recognizes that one of its primary responsibilities is to conduct investigations of crimes within its jurisdiction. Criminal incidents requiring preliminary or follow-up investigation may occur in widely scattered locations, at any time. Occasionally, criminal incidents require witness identification of suspects. Consequently, the department is establishing this policy to ensure that investigations requiring the use of lineups and/or show-ups are conducted in a manner that promotes the success of those investigations and ensures reliable witness identifications and testimony.

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