Twenty for 2020

On June 25, 2020, the Rhode Island Police Chiefs’ Association (RIPCA) announced the Twenty for 2020 Campaign, a list of 20 promises to all Rhode Islanders from their police departments to redouble a statewide focus on training, transparency, communication and human rights. Hear some of Rhode Island’s police chiefs talk about their commitment to this important initiative.

Rhode Island Police Chiefs’ Association Twenty for 2020 Campaign from John Guilfoil Public Relations on Vimeo.

The Twenty for 2020 Campaign is a list of promises and policy amendments set by the collective body of police chiefs. Among those promises are commitments to open book policies and procedures, better communication with the public and further training on diversity, implicit biases, and procedural justice.

The Twenty for 2020

  1. Acknowledgement about the realities of police brutality in the world.
  2. Defending the profession of policing in Rhode Island.
  3. Re-emphasizing training standards.
  4. Right to peaceful protest.
  5. Journalist rights & officer identification.
  6. Publicly posting use of force & other policies.
  7. Universal accreditation.
  8. Feedback.
  9. Promote restorative justice.
  10. Research body & cruiser cameras.
  11. Officer wellness & mental health.
  12. Social service mutual aid database.
  13. Uniform use of force & civil rights violation reporting.
  14. Increased face-to-face interactions.
  15. Law enforcement Bill of Rights update.
  16. Commitment to diversity hiring.
  17. External civil, cultural & social justice training.
  18. Review NAACP guidelines.
  19. Online training library & diversity resources.
  20. Implicit bias training.