Founded in the year 1950, The Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association has grown to encompass a dedicated membership of over one hundred individuals. Among our members are both active and retired police chiefs, as well as associate members, forming a robust coalition committed to advancing the objectives of our mission. This collective expertise and experience creates a dynamic and collaborative environment within the Association.

The membership base represents the extensive law enforcement network in Rhode Island, comprising nearly fifty municipal, state, and campus agencies. This broad representation ensures that our Association comprehensively understands the challenges and opportunities faced by law enforcement professionals across the state. By uniting the leadership of various agencies, we strive to foster a collective approach to address the evolving public safety needs in various communities.

The geographical scope of our influence extends across the Ocean State, reaching and serving the interests of over one million Rhode Islanders. This outreach allows us to actively engage with the communities we serve, working towards building meaningful connections and promoting a shared commitment to public safety. Through collaboration with local, state, and campus agencies, we aim to create a unified front dedicated to enhancing the well-being of the residents throughout Rhode Island.

As we continue to evolve, our Association remains steadfast in its dedication to promoting the highest standards in law enforcement, fostering positive relationships between officers and the public, and contributing to the overall improvement of the quality of life for all Rhode Islanders. The collective strength of our membership and the breadth of our reach position us as a pivotal force in advancing the goals outlined in our mission.